Health & Wellness Center Advisory Board (HCAB)

Feedback Form

Anonymous Feedback Form for the Health & Wellness Center


Please detail anything you would like the Health Center Advisory Board (HCAB) to share with the leadership of the Health & Wellness Center.


These responses can be praise or concerns, positive or negative, and from any type of experience with the on-campus Medical and Counseling Services at the Health & Wellness Center. Any suggestions you have to improve our Health & Wellness Center can also be shared! 


HCAB will compile the experiences and bring them to our regular meetings with the Board of the Health & Wellness Center. We will collaborate with them to help resolve any concerns and improve the student experience. This form will be open for all of the Fall 2020 Semester.



All responses will be kept anonymous. While feedback from students will be passed on to the Health & Wellness Center leadership via the HCAB, identifying information (i.e. names, etc.) will remain 100% confidential and will not be told to anyone at the Health & Wellness Center or anyone else.


Form to come for Spring 2022: